Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tech tips for shopping this holiday season

There are plenty of online sales and discounts this time of year, but among all those great deals, there are a few aspects that you need to be cautious about. Malware
Though malware is a risk at any time of year, peak holiday season-time shopping poses a bigger risk. Be sure of the website you're visiting and double check regarding whether a link can be a `phishing' link. Stick to tried and tested websites instead of being lured by heavy discounts on unknown shopping websites.
Buyer's remorse
There's a high possibility that you might get carried away with a host of discounts on some items that seem too good to be true. When you realise that you've gone a bit overboard the next day, or the day after, there should be an option on that site to cancel your order so that you're not stuck with something that you no longer feel you need. When you're about to buy something online, make sure that you check the section about cancelling and returning orders. Figure out how it works so that in case you want to return something, you know exactly what to do.
Shopping apps are continually being developed and customers are constantly tempted with discount offers. But beware of what app you use to shop on. Read testimonials regarding the veracity of an app as well as user reviews first. These should be visible on your phone in the `info' section on the app's page.
ATM fraud
You're probably going to be visiting your ATM machine a bit more these days, and there are constant news stories about ATM fraud and robberies. Therefore, always be vigilant. Criminals can tap your information at ATMs by installing skimming devices to steal the data off your card's magnetic strip and either using a video camera or keypad overlay to capture your PIN. Visit familiar ATM facilities only.
Do an online search of the company you're buying items from to see whether it is a genuine business. You can tell a lot by just looking and analysing the wording on their website.

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